Sunday, July 28, 2013

My girl

Makenna, Makenna, Makenna. You are the light of mommy's life. You are so cheerful, stubborn and adorable. You surprise mommy on a minute-to-minute basis. Tonight you suddenly busted out and said "ball, blue blue ball. Ball ball ball blue ball" as you picked up a small blue ball. You also started saying "nap nap nap nap nap nap" when you are tired. I love how you willing give me and daddy bear hugs and lots of kisses. I love how excited you get when you first see me or daddy in the morning. Yesterday you were mad that mommy got you up from your nap instead of daddy, and when I put you in the bed with daddy (he was sleeping because he was going to work that night) you started hysterically laughing. I think it is adorable how when you drop something you cover your mouth and say "uh oh". I loved the look on your face when I caught you sneaking daddy's chips. I even thought you were pretty darn cute covered in half of the container of Vaseline (I STILL haven't figured out how you got the Vaseline off the shelf). I did NOT however enjoy the call to the poison control center we had to make because you also decided to EAT the Vaseline... We love you our silly girl.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Finals... an evil evil word...

I have a confession to make. I have never really stressed about finals in my life.... until now. Being homeschooled, I never had to worry about "finals" per se, we did take the CAT test at the end of the year, but we were all always more advanced and it wasn't stressful at all. At Lively for LPN school we did have "finals" but they weren't cumulative, so I wasn't worried. As I'm typing though, I guess the NCLEX (state board exam that a nurse has to pass before she gets her license) is kind've a final.... lol.
Anyways... our final is tomorrow... I have been studying non-stop and STILL don't feel ready in the slightest. It is cumulative and counts for 30% of our grade.... I really don't think it would be bad, but this will be our 3rd test in 5 day. Test 1 I passed... Barely... I did great on #2, but I am FREAKING OUT about this one... I'll update tomorrow when I get home.

UPDATE: I PASSED!!!! Now to start packing for the big move! But at least work is done and there is no school until Aug. 26!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Why is saying goodbye always so difficult? We said goodbye to our dog Rylie on Sunday. We were not going to be able to take her with us when we moved in with my parents. We found her a new mommy. Her new mommy lost her last doggy tragically and was very grateful to us. She came on Sunday afternoon to pick Ry up. Rylie LOVED her from the start (which was a huge relief!). We gathered her things together and said some tearful goodbyes. Makenna waved and blew kisses to Rylie until her new mommy's car was out of sight. Then she sat by the front door waving for 15 minutes. It was heartbreaking to watch. People keep telling me "she doesn't understand... she's not old enough to feel loss," but I know she was heartbroken. That night we went to my parents house, and when we got home, Makenna crawled to the back door like she always does so that she could see Rylie. I explained to her again that Rylie went to live with her new mommy. Makenna nodded her head, crawled to the front door, waved bye bye, placed a kiss against the door and then started crying the saddest cry I have EVER heard. So what did I do? I cried too and called Michael at work and he started crying also. We all miss our puppy. :-( But her new mommy said she is doing great and LOVES her new puppy sibling. They live on the 3rd floor and she had to carry Rylie up and down the stairs the first few times, but Ry is already a pro! The best part is, she said we can visit Rylie whenever we want!!
Exploring her new house

"You mean I get to sleep on the bed!?!?!"

Meeting her doggy sibling

My second Goodbye happened today. Today was my last day at my office (I'm working until Friday, but none of it is in the office). There are so many people I'm going to miss dearly. I love all my co-workers so much and our office is so small, we're all like family. There is also an abundance of patients I'll miss. I actually had one start crying when they found out I was leaving. I was told "But what will I do without you?" That kind've sort've made my day to find out m patients love me. My co-workers were great. They did a lunch for me and gave me a card that made me cry. I'll miss every single one of them!

Even with the hard goodbyes, I am beyond excited to be able to focus on my family and on school. Also my sleeping schedule will be normal again!! Yay no more "MUST BE IN BED BY 8 AT THE LATEST" bedtimes for me!!!!!!! I will get to stay late at Sunday dinner (HA! We'll be living there) and actually get to play the family games!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Little Goober!

My little beauty
She's so silly!

She Loves Playing with Daddy!
Peas in a pod!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Somethings gotta give...

This is how I feel lately....

Poor baby girl in the midst of a meltdown
My life right now = STRESS. I have been so busy that I can't keep anything on my mind, I'm exausted ALL THE TIME, and the stress is causing me to have migranes more often. You can probably guess this, but it's hard to write a complicated Care Plan on a patient or even worse, take care of a patient when you head is feeling like it's going to explode and you're nauseous and light headed. In addition to that, school has caused a serious toll on our bank account... Sooooo that brings me to the topic of today's post: Something's gotta give.... and the lucky winner is: House and work. After much prayer and family discussion, we have decided to move in with my parents, which eliminates over 80% of our bills, and I will also be quitting my job so that I can focus on school. Will it be stressful "losing our independance" for almost a year, yes, but I am also excited because I haven't been able to spend my time with my family this past year. Plus with my mom being in the same house, I'll have some built in care plan/homework help. She is an endless source of information and has real life stories to back the info up, which helps burn it into my memory. :-) I am sad to be leaving my job because I love all my co-workers and (most) of my patients dearly, and I will be stressing EVERY SINGLE MOMENT until I turn in my 2 weeks notice on Monday, but sometimes you just can't do it all.... I'm afraid that if I kept trying to be super wife/mom/nurse/student I would totally lose it. Right now my family and school HAS to be the priority. If ya'll could keep me in your prayers for the next few weeks I would be very grateful. Those of you that know me well, know that I have anxiety issues when it comes to making big changes in my life.