Friday, June 26, 2009

Graduation is over!!

It started at 6 last night and it went really good!! Nobody tried to do anything stupid and everyone had a good time! My speech went amazingly well..... I shook like a leaf.... but I got through it!! Then afterwards Micheal, his family and I went to Sunny's to eat! It was good!! They have the new Pulled Chicken Big Deal and it is awesome!!!! Mom and Dad were going to come too but out AC is broken right now and the AC guys were at our house unsupervised!! So now we have a little break before TCC fall starts so I get to go back to the Publix job which I'm almost at 5 years so maybe I'll get the little * next to my name after all!! I just wish I made more there.... so once I get my letter from the Florida Board of nursing saying I can work as a GPN you better believe that is just what I am going to do! I can't wait to get out there and work for $ which I've worked so hard to learn!! I took a LPN Nclex predictor test yesterday and the results said I have a 95% of passing on the first attempt! So I was happy with that!! Well I'm going to go play tennis now! More later! Basically it is time to start planning our wedding!!! Oh and
Michael and I have a wedding website now. It is: Go check it out!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Graduation Speech!!

Let me know what you think!!

Reflection Speech By: Lindley Evelo

On the very 1st day of class, our instructors told us to go home, hug and kiss our families goodbye, and tell them we’d see them in a year. I think I can speak for all of us in saying that we had no idea how true that would be.
This has been a year of hardships and success. We have all gone through different trials both in our personal and academic lives. We have pulled together and helped out when one was in need. We grew close together through the highs and the lows. We grieved at the loss of a classmate’s family member, and we celebrated another classmate’s good news following a family member’s battle with cancer. We truly have become like a big family…. Of course the arguing between siblings is included in that statement. We’ll never forget the family councils where Mrs. Parker had to come straighten us out! But in the end we have had to lean on each other for support and we got through this together.
I stand before you today to reflect upon our year.
The most interesting thing that has happened this year is when Michael, our Token Male decided to pass out while on wound care with Mr. Enfinger. I know that memory will be forever burned into Lyris’s mind.
We all came into this year shooting for an A on every test….But…. our mind set quickly changed into “if I can only get a 75% I’ll be ok.” That continued up to the very last test.
We will always remember our instructors and faculty; Mrs. Nichols for her encouragement, birthday cookies, firsthand knowledge on the thyroid, and for the “Now this is important” statements; Ms. Cathy Williams for always expecting our very best; Ms. Howard for always saying “I’m not going to wish you luck because you don’t need it” before each and every test; Mrs. U. Williams for her infamous looks and for making us pull out of our minds the information she knew we knew…. Also for letting us in on her sweet tea secret; Ms. Freeberg for her love of Diet Sunkist, her jokes, and her awesome art work. And don’t worry Ms. Freeberg…. We all know what anasarca is and we will never forget about ketoacidosis; Mrs. Roberts for putting up with us ringing the bell all the time and for always being available to answer all the questions we have; Mrs. Battles for her original discipline techniques; Deloris for keeping our building clean; Mrs. Parker for making us throw our attitudes in the trash; And finally Mrs. Horton for her cookies, handouts, the extra time she would spend after class making sure we understood cardiac, as well as the shakedowns before each test so that she wouldn’t have to throw another cell phone out the door.
We all enjoyed clinicals and all skills we learned…. And we enjoyed learning to feed and bathe patients by getting to practice on each other. We all got the opportunity to go to the Cath. Lab while we were on Cardiac, and several of us even got to watch surgeries. While Lauren was told she looked 13, Cindy repeatedly got mistaken for an instructor.
Our leadership rotation was the favorite for most of us. It was really neat because everything we had struggled to learn, all the late nights, and all of the last minute cramming finally came together and we were able to use the knowledge we had worked so hard to gain.
Now we are all parting and will be taking many different routes. Some of us will work as hands on nurses and some of us will be continuing our education. The good thing about both routes is that we will all be striving to make a difference. We will take the knowledge and skill we have acquired throughout this journey and use it to supplement the nursing field and provide better care to our patients.
Congratulations Practical Nursing Class 113! WE DID IT!!!!!

The last days....

Of Lively are here!! I just took my final test.... all I have due is a cover letter, thank you for an interview letter, and a resignment letter and then I am DONE!!! In some ways this has been a long hard year, and in other ways it has gone by very quickly! I'm just glad it is almost over!! 3 days and counting!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Of clinicals was today!!! YAY!! Now we just have 5 class days (some are half days) and then GRADUATION!!!! For anyone who I did't get to sent an invitation to but who wants to come...Graduation for the Lively Health Education Programs (Especially Practical Nursing) is at the Godby Auditorium at 6pm on June 25. And you'll be in for a treat because I have to give a speech!! And Michael is doing the POA. So more to come about the last week of class!!! Wish me luck!


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Kids Art, Baby Bedding, Nursery Decor

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