Thursday, April 30, 2009

School + life update

WE officially graduate in 57 days!!! YAY!! We have our last cardiac test tomorrow morning, then 1 more sensory exam. We started Pediatrics today.... so all that is left is the rest of Peds and Maternal infant.... I'm glad they are at the end... they are my favorite subjects!!! I just can't wait to be out!!!

Last Weekend, Michael's family and I were in Destin.... now before you get excited for me.... we were not at the beach.... we were at a soccer tourny. I had been sick all last week and had only reffed 2 games so I opted out of being a referee. I instead watched Michael ref! It was actually quite fun to be able to sit, relax, feel the breeze on my face, and BAKE!!! That's right... I baked in the sun!!!! I figured I'd be ok since I was applying SPF 50 sunblock every hour.... well not so much! I got so burnt that I totally swelled up! I had 3+ pitting edema in my legs from the knees down! (for all you non -medical people... google pitting edema ;D). Clinicals were absolutely horrible b/c of the burn... I learned that scrubs are not kind to sunburns... That plus all the drama going on in my clinical group (I'm not going into it here.... but I was ready to blow up at people) I did not have a good 2 days. I ended up getting ill Tuesday night and all Wed. so I was not at the hospital Wed. I figured since right now I am on the Cancer unit with so many immunosuppressed people, I didn't need to introduce more germs into the environment. So I stayed home and put my feet up..... literally! I had to elevate my legs above the level of my heart to promote drainage.... but I had a pretty good day and was able to relax so now I'm starting to feel better.

Michael and I are doing great! It is 310 days until we get married!! I CANNOT wait!! I figure we will start really planning once we graduate. We have almost certainly decided that we are not moving to Chipola next year... Yes it would be easier for school, but if we live on the west side of town the school is only about a 40 minute drive...... I want to stay in town now that I will have a niece or nephew to spoil!!!

Well more later!! I have to go spend all night reading about anemia and chest tubes!