Friday, January 8, 2010

I wish I could change my URL...

...To because that is what I am! In the end of October I got a job at Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tallahassee. I am so eternally grateful for the job but I am STRESSED!!!! Turns out one really doesn't learn that much in nursing school! Learning how to do everything in this job has been hard. I felt like a kindergardener that go thrown into a 5th grade class by mistake. Luckly I had 4 1/2 weeks of orientation! And believe me I needed it!! I experienced my first code.... that was hard!! I knew it would be, but I had a really hard time with it... but only after the fact. I also realized that CPR is VERY difficult to for extended periods of time... even if you are one of 3 people rotating.... but now I am on my own and have been adjusting! Now that I have gotten the hang of most of the procedures it is much easier! Michael has also gotten a job at Healthsouth!!! So I work 2:30pm-11(ish)pm and he works 10:30pm-7(ish)am. So we haven't been seeing each other very much lately!! He's still on orientation but tonight is his last night on... come Monday he's on his own!
The Biggest most exciting news is that we have signed for an apartment!!!! We will be living exactly 1 mile from Healthsouth!!!!! It is a totally awesome complex!! We were blessed and came in at the right time and we saved about $500. and the application, deposit, etc and we will be saving $25./month because we have a preferred employer!! Our apartment is a 2/2 that is 1088 sq. ft. and it has a fireplace!! Our lease starts in Febuary, so we will have almost a month to get everything moved in and ready!! I will actully move in like a week before the wedding and Michael of course will move after the wedding!!

I am totally excited because my wedding dress is being made for me!! Sister Reynolds (who is an extremely talanted seamstress) is making it for me! I am so grateful for her!!

The only other big news is that we booked our honeymoon!! We will be going to Dillard, GA and we're staying in the "Time Shares of Sky Valley"! It is a beautiful resort and is surrounded by mountains!! We had originally wanted to go to Hilton Head Island, SC but they had some dumb rule that you have to be 25 or accompanied by an adult... well NO THANK YOU!! I think my parents need to stay here while I'm on my honeymoon!!! But Michael and I both love hiking so Georgia it is!!
The wedding plans are under way but there is still tons to do so I need to go!!! I'll post more eventually!!!