Monday, October 14, 2013

Time to play catch up....

My life lately has been one big whirlwind of busy. I am so very glad that we moved in with my parents and I was able to quit my job because I would not have been able to keep up school and work. The past 2 weeks have been insanely packed with clinicals, tests and papers. Today we had our NCII final. That means just NCIII and NCIV left! I was really nervous at the beginning of the semester about joining in with the 2 year (or 3rd semester) students. My fears were unfounded. I got put into a group with 7 people I didn't know, but they welcomed me with open arms and we all get along well. I'm able to share things I've learned whild being an LPN and they help me with all the paperwork and bookwork (side note: care plans are evil!!). When I'm not in school I'm spending quality time with Michael and Makenna. I'm so glad I get to be with her so much because I kinda missed the 1st year of her life because I was working so much (yes I know I didn't really miss it, but it sure feels like it looking back). We have all been going to the lake at pedrick and hwy 90 to walk in the evenings. It is great spending that time together. Today Raelee and Makenna rode together in the stroller. The girls are becoming best friends and I love it! Shelley babysat Makenna for a bit this afternoon,  and when I picked Makenna up I asked her if she had fun playing with Raelee. Her response (which is awesome because she doesn't talk much yet) was "uh yeah, I did." I then asked her what they did. She replied "we payed (played)". It was so cute!
Makenna is a tough little gal. On Sunday at church she ran up to a little boy to give him a hello hug and got body slammed by him. She didn't even cry. Her only fear right now is this little bug toy Raelee has and footballs. She is absolutely terrified of footballs. It is sad and funny at the same time. If there is one in the room She clings to Michael or I. She has become quite the little monkey. She climbs on EVERYTHING! It scares me to death!
We are all enjoying the new little babies in our family. It's been pretty amazing to see Jared transformed into a dad.
I'll put few pics of our life from the last few months. Sorry for how this post is layed out... it is hard to arrange right from my phone.