Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love my Fiance!!

So today Michael left for Wisconsin for 13 days.... I was stressing for many reasons and before he left he handed me a letter. I read the letter and almost started crying! He wrote me a love letter all about how much he loves me and will miss me among other things! It was exactly what I needed and I was able to relax. He always does that!! He knows what I need when I need it... it really amazes me somethines!! But that is the type of person he is and I am so lucky to have him in my life!! Thank you Michael for all that you do! I love you!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fishing Expedition!!

Yesterday I went fishing with Matt, Michael, and Michael's brother Steven.... It was so fun!! We got to St. Mark's at like noon and stayed until 7:30.... We didn't have very much luck at the first spot we stopped at.... all we hooked at the second place was a HUGE alligator! But then the park rangers came by and told us where the best fishing was! Yay thank you rangers! We get to the spot and hadn't been fishing long and this guy came by and gave us a HUGE redfish! It was well over the 18" min size limit and barely under the 28" max size. Then Matt caught a pretty good sized bass and we caught a bunch of bream. It was sooo fun!! Then we got back in town and I had to clean all the fish an cook them. Everything was easy until I started cleaning the Redfish.... now I see why most people filet redfish.... there was no easy scaling to be done.... I had to pry the scales off this fish! They were the size of quarters!! Cutting through the backbone while trying to make steaks posed another problem... I almost needed a saw! That was hard! We didn't get any pictures of the fish but to put it in prespective..... I cut eight 2.5" steaks... so as you can now envision it was pretty big! The head is still outside so I should get a picture of it! Anyway... more later... I'm heading out to Alabama!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The search is on!!!

So now that graduation is over, Michael and I have begun the search for a job!! Turns out all the things that are being said about the nursing shortage are VERY misleading..... what they should be saying is that there is a shortage for Registered Nurses!!! There are some spots for LPN's BUT...... they all require atleast one year of experience.... booo!!! Plus neither hospital has any positions for LPNs..... So hopefully we can find a place that will overlook the whole one year thing....... Until then we will (and have) be working our butts off at good ol' Publix! It's actually been really fun because I get to see all the customers that I've missed for the past year..... It's pretty much like a long family reunion.... with out all the crazy relatives and road kill stew! LOL! I've almost completed all of my back office training so I will finally get my green vest that I've been trying the last five years to get!! I think I will really miss Publix once I leave.... all of my coworkers have become like family and we have awesome managers right now!!

Back to my nursing life.... right now Michael and I are enrolled in an IV therapy class.... we finish next Thursday. It is a great class...... I successfully started my first (human) IV this week!! It was so fun..... and.....I was only shaking a little bit as I lowered the needle to the skin of Michael's extremely brave sister!! This size of needled go from the largest (15 Gauge) to the smallest (I think it is a 26 gauge). I used a 24 gauge on Lizz but later that night I started an IV on Michael with a 18 guage..... It is an impressive size and it totally freaked Michael out (Thank you baby for trusting me enough! You're the best!!)!!! So life is pretty good overall. Michael and I are Heading out to the middle of nowhere tomorrow (aka Caryville) for Michael's baseball game so I'm going to go to bed now!!! Until later!!

_ Lindley

P.S. Here is a picture of Practical Nursing Class 113! All 20 of us are there..... we started with 34.... :(