Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ducks and Bunnies mini-session!!!

A few weeks ago I got a message on Facebook from Long's Photography informing me that Makenna had won a free Ducks and Bunnies photo mini-session. They do these sessions every year and bring in baby chickens and bunnies for the kids to pose with. The day of arrives and Makenna was SUPER cranky!!! I felt dread as we got hardly any smiles out of her. Yesterday we went to look at the proofs. They got SOOOO MANY awesome and adorable pictures! Unfortunately they are super expensive to order from so we only ordered a few pictures. Here are 2 of the ones they uploaded to facebook! I am in love with them!!!!


Monday, March 17, 2014

eat eat

Those are the words the we hear out of Makenna's mouth constantly lately. Literally it was the last thing I heard last night and the first thing I heard this morning. She must be going through a crazy growth spurt. This kid is going to eat us out of house and home if we let her. She also is eating tons at daycare. On her daily form today for beakfast it said she ate all+. Lol. Tonight we went to Chile`s with the in-law for my BIL`s 20th birthday. We got Makenna her own meal, hamburger with a ton of mandarin oranges, and the child ate basically all of it. Then she proceeded to eat a ton of my fries, most of the lettuce from my sandwich, some of her aunt`s broccoli,  and some of her other aunt`s chicken.... she is a little piggy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First Day of Daycare

I never knew how sad I would be putting Makenna into daycare. I never wanted to put her in, but schedules change and daddy needed to get more sleep than he had been getting. Last night while packing her backpack I was having to fight off tears the whole time. I was selfish and had her sleep with me all night in my bed. I ay or may not have cried after we dropped her off. She cried 2 or 3 times before we even left, but her teacher was good at distracting her. I really REALLY hope she does alright and has fun. Her daycare has an AWESOME playground and she LOVES playgrounds! Here are the pics I took last night and this morning. She picked out her backpack last night and it is so cute because it is almost as big as she is! I will try to write an update today after I pick her up.
 Bag packed and clothes layed out.

Early morning snuggles and an episode of The Chica Show.

Trying on her backpack

Excited to go "out-ide (outside)"

Ready to go

Wait Where is mommy?

Bye Bye Mama! (Don't worry... I went too, I just had to get pictures first.)