Sunday, April 21, 2013

Totally Overwhelmed

Life is crazier then usual lately. This past week I literally was away from the house every night but Friday and Saturday. We had a midweek meeting that I was on the committee for in RS on Thursday night.... After doing so much and getting hardly any sleep Mon-Thur I had turned into an emotional wreck.... There was a moment before I left for the activity that I burst into tears at the thought of everything else I had to get done by 5am the next morning. I pulled myself together (with the help of much comforting from Michael and Makenna) and went to the activity. I am SO glad I went. It was very uplifting to be around the other sisters and socialize! Especially since Michael was watching Makenna! I love my fellow Relief Society sisters!

Now I am back to the grind. I have 14 progress notes to write for work, an 1000 word paper comparing the Flood story in the Hebrew Bible to the Flood Story in the Qu'ran, and crafty stuff to do for our big Semi Annual Activity Days activity this Wednesday... I just keep repeating to myself "I can do hard things, I can do hard things..." I will make it through!

An update on the Potty Training and Weight loss:
Makenna is doing WONDERFUL! It was really sad the other day because she didn't make it to the potty once we got her diaper off. She cried and cried, even though Michael and I were telling her it was ok, and comforting her. We don't want the early potty training to put bad/negative pressure on her, so seeing her so upset about not making it really broke my heart. But that is the only time she hasn't made it. She still is always so proud of herself!

As of Friday the 19th I have lost 24.1 pounds. I have been in the Weight loss program for 6 weeks now. It is so fun fitting back into my old clothes and not looking like jabba the hut in self portraits! I was tempted the other night to cheat and eat some pizza, but then I thought about how much work I have put into this and how much more work I still have to do. That totally squished the pizza cravings!

Sorry for the not so positive post... give me a few days and I'll be cheerful again... It'll probably be around the same time that I kick the cold/allergies/virus that I've had the past week and a half!

On another note, How has my baby gone from being this small to a big 10.5 month old??

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My little smartie!

As I said in my last post, we have been potty training Makenna. The other day, I changed her diaper and then put her down on the floor so that I could get some clothes out of the closet. As I walked back into the room Makenna had crawled into the bathroom and was in the process of taking off her diaper. As I sat there and watched, she successfully removed the diaper and climbed up onto her potty and went poo poo!!! This child is awesome! She never ceases to amaze Michael and I. Her latest thing is to say Mama mama mama in this sad pathetic voice whenever Michael doesn't give her what she wants.... She is a mess!!

In other news: The diet is going great!!! I lost 20lbs from 3/8 to 4/12!!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Long overdue post

Man has my life been crazier than ever lately!! There has been SO much going on! I really don't know how to begin... well I guess I'll just go in the order things happened.

1. On March 8th I had my first appointment at Healthy Solutions. It is a medically supervised weight loss center that is run by my OB Dr. Moralas. Lets face it... I have fat most of my adult (and teenage) years. I was tired of it. I have tried so so hard to get the weight off on my own but it just wouldn't come off. I had originally decided to go in late August of 2011, had the initial forms filled out and was about to call (by about to I meant I was going to call the next morning) to make an appointment when I discovered I was pregnant. That was a huge surprise, but also an obvious setback when it comes to weight loss. (Please do not misunderstand this last comment. Makenna is one of the greatest blessing in my life. I do not regret the happy surprise that she is.) Fast forward back to March. I actually weighed less (about 20 pounds less) then I did before I got pregnant. That's a good thing, but I was at a MAJOR plateu. I got to the appointment and actually discovered that I had lost another 10 pounds (I blame stress). Fast forward again to today. I am offically down 15 pounds (ofiicially 15.3 pounds)!!! I cannot wait to get the rest off!!! It's fun fitting back into my old clothes!

2. Back to March 8 again. We had our first softball game. Michael ran into Publix realy quick to get gatoraid while Makenna and I sat in the car. I took that time to quickly check my TCC e-mail. And what do ya know... sitting right at the top of my inbox was my acceptance letter into the TCC LPN to RN Nursing Program!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOO!!!! But with the letter came a MILLION of things to get done... Multiple Background checks, Drug screens, forms to sign, etc.... And it starts May 8.... Yikes!!!

3. Makenna has been growing like a weed!!! She brings such great joy to our lives! We have started potty training her. Go ahead... call me crazy... I've already heard it but it is going great! My mom told me that in my Great Grandma's time they had ALL their children totally potty trained by the time they were 9 months old. The reason is that most people didn't have electricity and they had to wash and dry all the diapers by hand. I guess it was necessiary to get them potty trained early. If they could do it back then, we can do it now. Makenna really is a natural at it. For the first little bit we are focusing on putting her on the potty after eating and when she wakes up from naps/during the night. Also if she ever crawls towards the bathroom. After she goes she is SOOOO proud of herself! I love my little bug!

4. Easter was TONS of fun. My parents hid over 100 eggs out in their yard for an adult easter egg hunt. We hunted them and then split into 2 teams, girls vs boys of course. The eggs all had letters on them and each team had to try to make a winning sentence. The boys came up with "I am being a good egg." Us girls won the contest with "The cute wet kangeroo liked a red funny bunny's jump." Makenna and Raelee had a ball playing in the pile of eggs afterwards.

5. Ashley and Jared found out last week that their little peanut is a girl! Shelley and Brad found out yesterday that they are having a boy! Raelee is a little disappointed that she's not having a baby sister, but I think she's coming around now. The real work begins soon because I get to plan 2 baby showers.

That's about it! On a side note I despise letting Makenna "Cry it out." She's been screaming the entire time I've been writing this.... I think I'm about to give in....