Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My GREAT(ly crappy) Weekend!

Well it all started on Thursday Afternoon..... I started to get a slight pain in my tooth.... well I took a couple of Ibuprofin and that cleared it right up.... Right? WRONG!!!
By Friday afternoon the entire right side (upper and lower) of my jaw was in serious pain.... so I took more Ibuprofin and told mom about it.... she said it was probably sinus related and to put heat on in.... well that helped a ton!! The pain would actually go away!! Well of course it came back but hey.... I'm not picky!!
After school me and Michael were supposed to go to Destin with the soccer team for them to play Rocky Bayau... I was sooo excited!! Well the bus didn't make it past the greensboro/sneads exit on I-10. So we went and got a vanload of boys to take back to JPII! That was an interesting ride.... 6 boys to 5 seats..... lots of singing.... whoever knew the Soccer team had so much talent........ YEAH right!!! The singing was downright scary.... but very amusing!!! Then we went to the Blime's house where I promptly stole Miles from Marquesas and was completely content! We had a great time at their house.... it was for Shelley's Birthday party.....
Well... I made the mistake at like 10:30 of taking a bite on the WRONG side of my mouth.... I was in serious SEVERE PAIN!!!! It was horrible!!! Well Marquesas helped me make a heat compress which helped a ton and we went back to having fun! Until we got home.... I didn't sleep at all because of the pain.
Saturday was spent all day in pain.... Dad called my dentist. Turns out he was in Tampa.... but since Dr. Hardison is the ABSOLUTE BEST as far as dentist go..... he called me in a prescription of amoxicillian and Tylenol #3. Well I started the Amox. right away and the tylenol! The tylenol was great!!! For one dose!!! and one dose only!!! Then the Codiene started getting me SICK and that is the way I stayed!! I started vomiting Sunday night....... Pain.... more pain....... more sickness..... then comes Monday.
I went to the dentist..... got a prescription of Demerol...... Went to the Endodontalist.... have to get a root canal next week... more pain..... found out Demerol makes me extremly light headed.... still in pain but it's getting better now!! Yay!! I stopped taking the demerol yesterday morning a 6am and am managing my pain with NSAIDS!!! I went back to school today for the first time.... clinicals went good.... so now I just have to try not to OD on Ibuprofin before next Thursday.... that's the ROOT CANAL DAY(RCD).
Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Hair!! Oh and announcments!

So Shelley Colored and Cut my hair on Monday!! At first I was completely freaked out because she promised that she wouldn't touch my bangs.... well she did!! But I have forgiven her because it really does look good!!

This morning our pipes froze! I was just waking up when dad came into my room (this was at like 5:30) and told me there was no water!! I was not too happy! Dad tried to go out and tap on the pipes to see if that would work and it sadly did not. So then he came up with the brilliant idea to used a hanging lamp that gets really hot to melt the ice... well the water came back on as soon as I had finished my VERY COLD sponge bath :( Figures! But I guess the sponge bath helps me to sympathize with my patients!!

Michael and I have picked out colors and a probable location for the wedding.... and a probable general date!!

The colors are going to be GREEN and BROWN. Here are the Actual Colors: It is the green and brown of course!

The location is going to be SHILOH FARMS off of Benjamin Chaires Road. (

The Wedding would be in the chapel and the reception would be in the barn! We both love it and have driven by it twice just to look at it!!

We are thinking that the wedding will be in March of 2010.... probably at the beginning of spring break!!!! I can't wait!!!

Let me know what you think!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New post.....

So I have had no time to blog since school started back!! I have been BUSY!!! Me and Michael have been searching through colors to try to pick out colors for the wedding, but nothing else is really been going on!
Lets see if I can come up with anything....
One of my favorite classmates had to withdraw from school because she got put on bedrest.... ;(
I asked Marquesas to be one of my bridesmaid... she said yes :)
Volleyball started.... and Michael is GREAT at it!! He said he couldn't play so we were plesantly surprised!!
Miles is still the ABSOLUTE CUTEST baby I have ever laid eyes on!
Michael's soccer team almost beat Maclay!!! They were winning for 75 out of 80 minutes!! The only reason Maclay ended up scoring was on a crappy call by a referee would didn't know anything.... but the fact that we almost won is huge b/c they've never done that before!!!!
I think that's about it!!