Friday, March 30, 2012

Time for a Makenna update!!

Today we went to The Prenatal Experience for another ultrasound. Michael worked last night and was too tired to come with but My Mom, Shelley, Raelee and my sister-in-law Jennifer were all able to come so that made it a pretty cool experience! Makenna wasn't being so cooperative this time. She had her head down (which I am very VERY happy about... She is in the perfect position since we're in the 3rd Trimester now) way low in the left side of my pelvis. Basically she had her nose pressed against my hip bone. She was also asleep for most of the exam. The u/s tech had me go from my back to up on my elbows and knees as quickly as I could (which everyone who has ever been 7 months pregnant knows is not very fast) to make Makenna get the Moro Reflex (Startle reflex) to wake her up. I had to do that at 3 different times during the exam and it worked like a charm each time, but only for about 3 minutes... What can I say? My girl likes her sleep!! She is a cutie pie though! Everyone agrees she looks like Michael already. She is also BIG. she 3 to 3.3-3.4ish pounds. I still think I'm further along then 29 weeks and this just confirms it in my mind. The best part of the entire u/s was when Raelee started getting restless and was making alot of noise. It brought out some BIG smiles from Makenna. I love how she is already reacting to her cousin's voice!
In other pregnancy news: The wierd pregnancy eating has finally begun. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night absolutely starving. So I got up and ate a doughnut and had a big glass of chocolate milk. I was very satisfied at the time, but regreted it at 4am when I got up for work and my stomach was making a creaky door sound. It was freaky!
The swelling is also in full swing. My ankles are totally non-exsistent. Especially on the days I start work at 5. I am under strict instructions from my OB to invest in some "granny socks" as he called them. I prefer the name support hose! But as swollen as I am, I'm very happy because my blood pressure has remain "fantastic" as my OB also said yesterday.
Last but not least, Michael and I both got callings on Sunday. He got the calling as the Assistent ward Althletic director (Yes... I am jealous of my hubby's calling... I've always wanted that calling!), and I got called as the Relief Society Pianist. Michael thought it was funny that I got called as this because I was in that calling when he and I started dating almost 4 years ago. Getting called as this got my butt in gear and I am FINALLY getting my piano moved over here. It has been living at my Grandparent's house. We haven't moved it sooner because for some reason we only wanted professionals to move it (which is $300+). Then it dawned on us... all the men in our family are strong and all have insurance (I don't want to be paying any medical bills if someone were to get hurt.). So we rented a uhaul and getting it over here tomorrow morning!! I am really really excited!!!!!
Well that's all for now. I really need to post pics of the nursery and some more belly pics (once I can remember to have Michael take some of me!).

Monday, March 19, 2012

Things to be grateful for

So today I woke up in a very crummy mood for a couple of reasons. Reason #1: There was a spider in my bathroom last night. Why is this a reason to be in a bad mood today? It's because I am terrified of spiders. Last night was one of those nights where Baby Makenna was right up against my bladder, therefore I was running to the toilet like every 30 minutes. So as I was sitting there all of the sudden I notice a big fuzzy black thing by my foot (the fuzzy is due to the fact that I am blind without my contacts in). As I sit there looking at it I'm having this internal conversation "huh, it's kind've funny that I didn't notice that before now, wait a sec, why didn't I notice it before! It's really big and right next to my foot.... HOLY CRAP IT JUST MOVED!!" At which point I did what any logical person would do. I screamed for Michael to come and kill it. He came in and blew on it. Which by the way did not kill it surprise surprise. It promptly went scurrying into a hole at the base of the wall that we did not know was there. Michael got down on his hands and knees and looked into the hole and decleared "I guess we know how the spiders are getting in now." I freaked out!!! Michael responded by getting out the caulk and caulking the hole. Now to tie this story into my bad mood. I will NEVER feel safe in my bathroom until the hole is really fixed and I ended up having nightmares about spiders. This led to reason #2 of my bad mood. I only ended up getting 2 hours of sleep last night.

So I realized a little bit ago that I really needed to count my blessings and get out of said mood. So here we go:
#1: I am pregnant with a healthy baby girl.
#2: The prenatal Vitamins make me nauseous, but that is easily controlled with Zofran and they've made my hair great and my nails are the strongest they have ever been!
#3: The spider didn't crawl on my foot last night.
#4: I have an amazing husband who would do just about anything for me!
#5: I am lucky to have an amazing family and amazing in-laws.
#6: My Mother-in-law is a VERY good cook! On Saturday she made corned beef and cabbage in honor of St. Patties Day. I didn't eat much of the cabbage, but that was only because I totally pigged out on the corned beef and didn't have any room left! It was literally the BEST corned beef I have ever tasted!
#7: I have visiting teachers again!!! I know I've had visiting teachers this whole time, but I don't know who they were and they never came to visit me... But now I have Lindy and Lori! Ya'll are awesome!
#8: I have an AMAZING job that I really do enjoy going to everyday. To quote my boss "we are all more like family then we are co-workers." How awesome is that? Plus how many other bosses do you get a text message like this from "just pulled into edensprings, but there is a wolf looking thingy out here so I'm hanging in the car until I'm sure it's gone."

It worked!! I am officially no longer in a bad mood! Thanks for listening to my rantish thing for today. I need to do another pregnancy update with belly pics and pics of the nursery, but that'll have to happen later. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!