Tuesday, February 26, 2013

She walks (with assistance)!

This child is growing up so fast!! She's talking all the time now! It's mostly just gibberish but quite a few actual words. Yesterday she started walking behind her little baby walker toy. Enjoy!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Vacations are the best! I used to like them, now I LOVE them! We went this year to Big Canoe, Ga. It was awesome. Big Canoe is a planned community spread out over like 4 or 5 mountains in North Georgia. We left on Friday and drove halfway and stayed overnight in Warner Robins, Ga. I wish we could have gone the whole way but I get carsick on long drives so Michael had to drive. He worked all night Thursday and was really tired. Saturday we finished the drive up. My parents, Shelley and Raelee drove up on Friday and stayed until Tuesday. Sunday we drove to Helen and went to the antique mall and mill, then drove up to NC to visit with the Voyles (I LOVE THEM!), and then drove over to Dillard (back in Ga) and ate at the Dillard House. I highly recommend the Dillard house! It is SOOOOOOOO good! Then finally we drove back to Big Canoe. On Monday Michael, my dad, Makenna and myself went hiking. It was a 4-5 mile hike and was pretty dangerous because the trail was not very wide and was quite steep at times, but was worth it once we got to the waterfall! It was beautiful. My family left on Tuesday so we didn't do much that day. I think we may have driven into Jasper to go shopping. Wednesday we drove around the mountains and found some spectacular views. Thursday we just relaxed, then Michael and Makenna drove to Jasper and brought back food. It wasn't a very romantic Valentines day, but it was just what we needed. Friday we left for home. We stopped at the Tanger Outlet mall and spent a ton of money (Everything was BOGO in the Carter's store... Makenna now has clothes for the rest of the year). Then we drove to Warner Robins where we stayed the night again... We drove back into Macon to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Saturday we finally got home. It was so much fun being with Makenna non-stop but it also makes me sad. Now I realize just how much she changes on a day-to-day basis and how much I miss while I'm at work 50+ hours a week... We've got to work on me being home more... I miss my kid!

Anyways... enjoy the pics! They are not in order but oh well!

Makenna riding the 4 wheeler at the outlet mall

Makenna bundled up and in the Moby wrap before going on a walk with Daddy

The pretty covered bridge in Big Canoe

My happy girl!

Makenna and Raelee dancing

Put the little munchkin down for a nap and came back to find her like this!

Baby girl making funny faces while at Texas Roadhouse

Raelee loves giving Makenna kisses!

Michael, Dad and Raelee climbing the Lake Petit Dam. Mom got scared Raelee would fall in and started climbing up behind them. That's he 1/2 way up...

Makenna's face in this is priceless!

Me and my little doodlebug!

Happy baby girl!

One of the amazing views from our drive around the mountains!

Rae and Kenna playing peek-a-boo

Trip to the playground

early morning play session in the pack n' play

silly girl trying to climb the stairs

This is how Makenna does a car trip! She is such a good girl!

Makenna and Daddy swimming in the indoor pool! It was about 40 degrees outside with a chance of snow!

This kid is awesome!

I love this place!! My wallet does not!

My love and I

This is what we would wake up to each morning... along with "mama dada mama dada mama dada" over and over again

The waterfall we hiked to

It was beautiful!

Diaper change on the way home!

Makenna zonked out on the hike!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend Accomplishments

Despite me being VERY sick and Makenna going to the ER for the first time (we thought she might have aspirated something), my little booger managed to do alot of new things. She fed herself, and stood herself up for the first time. She also played in sunbeams. Here are the pictures:

First trip to the ER

So adorable when she kneels down!

This is how I found her when I got out of the shower. The expression on her face is awesome!!

Having fun playing "drums"

Feeding herself (other then finger foods) for the first time

Baby girl thinking she's hot stuff for standing up by herself

Hanging out, watching the wiggles, doing splits... just a day in the life of Makenna

Playing in her sunbeam

It's such hard work being cute!