Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome to Miles Blimes

Marquesas had her baby!!! Her and Drew are proud parents!! Here are pictures!!

Marquesas, Drew, and Baby Miles

Michael holding Miles

So Cute!! I am so glad he is going to be the father of my children! He is so good with children!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


YAY!! I only have one day left of school before Christmas break!!! We took our final in Pharmocology this morning and I got a 86% on it! I beat Michael's 82% (Don't worry.... it is totaly healthy competition)!! Tomorrow morning we have our final endocrine test.... it is on Diabetes Mellitus.... I think it will be a easier test (knock on wood) so hopefully I will do good. I figured out what I would need to pass the class and I only need a 51%... lol! Tomorrow will be the true proving ground for PN 113.... because if anybody fails this class and failed the urinary class they will be dropped from the program.... so I will be praying for all of my classmates (and myself of course!)!

I am still getting used to being engaged.... I have total engagement ring syndrome.... I catch myself staring at it almost non stop! So I have had to have Michael drive everywhere so I don't wreck! LOL! It's not really that bad but I really do love the ring! I've been having all sorts of fun on the David's Bridal Website... they have this really cool thing where you can make your dream wedding! This is my favorite one so far:
I really like the dress but I think I have found an even better one!

Sunday, December 14, 2008



Thursday, December 11, 2008

No room in the Inn.....

......Or in the Evelo Household. Due to Shelley and Brad's House flooding... they have moved in with us for awhile! It is crowded but nice....
It has really brought back memories of all the fights me and Shelley used to have over the bathroom... but luckly this time Shelley and Brad are using Matthew's bathroom..... so other then a few slight arguments over it, it's been fine. It's a little weird for them to be here all the time but it is also fun!
As I prev. posted I passed my urinary system exam today, so I passed the class with an 82! YAY!! But on the sad side I failed my pharm test but I am still passing the class so I'm good!
Michael finally talked to his mom about the ring!!! YAY!!! So now he is home free to ask me.... I really hope it is soon! Him telling her went fine... his sister had kind've paved the way in not so many words so his mom was prepared! YAYAYAYYAYAYAY!!!!


I passed the urinary test!!! I only got a 78.82% which to me is a 79% but all I needed to pass was a 75%!! Yea!! Now for the Pharmacology test!!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The dreaded Care Maps!

They are actually not that bad when you have the book online!! I was blessed enough to find the book online thanks to elsevier and the code I got with my books at the beginning of the program! I am COMPLETELY OVERJOYED That I don't have to spend $60 on the hardcopy!! YEA ME!!!!!!!!! I had to do it on Pneumothorax which is a totally awesome condition in itself so I enjoyed doing it and learning more about taking care of my patient!

Monday, December 1, 2008

DRUG MATH TEST and so much more!!!

SO I passed my drug math test on the first attempt with a 100%!!!!!!!!!!!! I hat to do this b/c it is so Disney Channel but....... YAY ME!!!!!! I was really nervous and even prayed in family prayer last night to "help me and Michael pass our drug test." You can imagine the laughter and teasing that caused me! Shelley went off on it espicially! But I passed with a 100 and so did Michael so I am happy!

For other news I reconnected with my bestfriend from my HS years (from about 14-18) yesterday!!!!! It was so good to see her!! We visited for almost an hour and I can't wait to see her again soon!

I realized yesterday at church just how lucky I am to be in Primary! Those kids just touch my heart! They are all so adorable! At one point yesterday I looked up just in time to see Justin and Laura rubbing Marquesas's very pregnant stomach (it was really cute.... especially with how gently Laura was), and then Justin Planted a HUGE kiss on Marquesas's cheek!

So I am still waiting for Michael to pop the question.... I hate to say I am getting impatient but somehow.... knowing that he has the ring in his possesion is making me want it more!!!!! I know it will be sometime this month and before Christmas but I am like a child waiting for their birthday..... it just can't get here quick enough!!!!! So hopefully by the time I have time to blog again I will have a ring nestled on my finger!

Well now I need to go reimmerse myself in endocrine stuff and Medication cards (oh Joy!) But tomorrow comes the dreaded and horrible part............. (Pause to build suspense)....................................... CARE MAPPING!!!!!! (Screams are heard in the back ground).
Care mapping is not quite as difficult as care plans but it is still up there as far as how much stress it causes! But on the bright side my patient this week is VERY interesting so I might actually enjoy doing the care map! So wish me luck!!!