Thursday, February 27, 2014

The end is near

I am almost done with Nursing School! This (almost) year has gone by so quickly! In March I only have 7 days of school: 4 simulations, a mock job interview, a day of hospise observation and a day of OR observation. Then in April I start my preceptorship. I found out today that my preceptorship will be at CRMC in thr family center/peds!!! That is where I want to work when I graduate so it is safe to say I am over the moon about where I am assigned! I think I may have actually squeeled a bit when I opened my paper and saw where I would be at!

Makenna is growing up so quickly. Her favorite songs right now are "Let it Go" from Frozen and a song by the wiggles called "Rock-a-bye your Bear". She sings let it go and dances to to thr other. It is so stinking cute! Another big thing that is about to start is Makenna is going to be starting daycare! We were hoping to avoid putting her in but poor Michael is just too tired from working 5 nights a week to watch her and provide the interactions she needs right now.
Makenna has also been having trouble adjusting to being in nursery. She cried so hard 2 weeks ago that she actually started vomiting.... hopefully daycare will help with that too.

I got a new calling at church as a sunbeams teacher! I am so excited about this. I started last week and had a double class because one of the other teachers wasn't there. Having 6 kids wore me out big time... I mean I seriously came home so tired that I pretty much was forced to take a nap. I couldn't even talk straight I was so tired! I had also just had 3 days of clinicals (finished at 11pm Saturday night), so that probably contributed to my exhaustion lol.

That's about all I have to report! This is just going to be a fun next few months!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Life in 2014

I really need to get better at updating this....
                     Biggest update so far: We moved in with Ashley and Lillian 4 weeks ago. The current plan is that Makenna and Lillian will share a room, but things are still crazy so right now she is still in our room with us.
                    I'm in my last semester of Nursing school (YAY!!!). The workload is lighter and more intense at the same time. It's pretty crazy because all "class" is over by the end of Feb. In the month of March I am in school all of 7 days. I have a mock job interview one day. 4 days of Simulation lab, a day of OR observation and a day of hospice observation. Then in April I have my preceptorship, which is where I am assigned to a nurse and I will work nine 12 hour shifts with that nurse. I don't know where I will be assigned, but the three areas I asked for (they will hopefully pick one of the 3) is family center/peds, 8th floor (cardiac/med-telly) or HealthSouth Rehab Hospital. My 1st choice would be family, then healthsouth, and lastly 8th floor.
After Preceptorship is done, SO AM I!!!! I will just have pinning rehearsal and the pinning ceremony on May 1st!!!
                Michael has submitted his application for the transition program. He will hopefully find out the 1st week of March if he got in or not. Crossing our fingers that he gets in!!!!
               Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I surprised Michael by driving to where he works and decorating his car with sappy V-Day decorations. I got a few weird looks from the 3-11 nurses that were getting off. He took Makenna into town as soon as he got home so that I could sleep in. Then he made me breakfast and gave me flowers and chocolate. I also got him some chocolate and a funny card. Makenna got him a card and picked out a little stuffed frog for me. Our real celebration was last night. Makenna spent the night with my parents and we cashed in some of our Club Carlson (Country Inns and Suites rewards program) points and got a hotel room. Best night ever!!! You don't realize how much you miss being with just your spouse until you've been living with family for over 6 months. It was great and relaxing. They gave us a late check-out so we didn't leave until noon.
           Now I need to get off and write a research paper for school. :-) Hopefully I'll update more regularly now.