Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life life life

I have really got to get better at updating my blog. Since my last post, Ashley and I became Mary Kay Representatives, we went camping, I got a job at the hospital, I took and passed the NCLEX and Makenna turned two! My job I accepted is in the Medical Oncology Dept at CRMC. I had a choice between Med Onc and Ortho and chose Oncology. I started on the floor last week and I love it so much! I am working nightshift which has been a bit of a shock to my system, but it is still great (plus I get paid more than dayshift). Taking the NCLEX was nerve racking. From sitting down at the computer to exiting the room, I was only in there for 45 minutes. My test cut off at 75 questions and I was so scared that I had not passed. I did pass thank goodness, and broke out with Hives the next night. I don't know if the hives were some PTSD for stressing over the test or an allergy. They only lasted a day and haven't occurred again.
Makenna turned 2 on the 12th. She had a birthday party at Michael's parent's house the day before her B-day and then with my family on the following Saturday. Girlie Girl made out like a bandit and loves her gifts. She especially loves the dress up dresses she got from her Great-Grandma & Grandpa Evelo.
She is SO into Sofia the First. I made her a Sofia cake and pretty much every other present was Sofia related in one way or the other lol. She was calling her "suesia" but now she says "Seeya D Fwirst". It is so cute!! She also loves Jake and the Netherland Pirates and the DJ shuffle song on Disney Jr. She has 2 Sofia CDs and the Disney Jr DJ shuffle (songs from all the shows) that she listens to pretty much nonstop. I'm cool with that... the songs are actually pretty good. Makenna's other obsession is make-up. She loves "putting on" make-up. The other night (well morning) I was at work and Makenna woke up before Michael. She somehow found some of my lip gloss and Michael awoke to her painting his face with it lol! He said half of her face, her neck and an arm was covered in it. Of course he did not get a picture! Grrr!!! Enjoy the Picture Overload!!
Makenna Loves Camping!

Her determined Face

The big girls taking the babies for a walk

Keeping the girls entertained

Makenna Loves her Baby Doll

How daddy gets her to sleep. Such a good daddy!

My girl and I after my first nightshift in 3 years! She was a little excited to see me!

Loves her Sofia lunchbox from Aunt Ashley and Lillian

She has gotten quite good at opening presents

Meemaw with Kenna and Lillian

Makenna and Matt Matt

Blowing out her candles

So excited

Her Sofia the First Cake I made

My badge! Love the RN!!! Sure Worked hard for it!

The hives

Our view while Camping

Food tent

Our Campsite

Grandma Evelo, Mom, Me and Makenna

Beach Baby!

Group shot on the beach. I am in the background holding the boogie board!

My Pumpkin!

See those two little dots? That Is Michael and I. about 10 feet from us was a group of dolphins!