Sunday, November 21, 2010

Top Ten Things I am greatful for today

1. My wonderful husband - I am so lucky to have him in my life! I can be a difficult person and can be more then slightly strange, but he loves me in spite of it (he says that those are some of the reasons he loves me).

2. Church - I love my nursery kids and my co-nursery teachers! They are great!
We also had really good talks in sacrament today! I love church and look forward to it each Sunday!

3. Sunday Night Dinner at my parent's house - It is so much fun knowing our whole family can hang out and talk every week. It is great to stay connected with everyone and I love the awesome relationships we all have with each other! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! And tonight Dad made some super Yummy Veggie Soup that really hit the spot! Thanks Dad!

4. My Christmas Tree - It makes me so happy every time I look at it! See last post for details -

5. Warm Jammies - I got some super comfy and warm jammies at Vanity Fair when I went to the outlet mall in Biloxi! I wish I had gotten more then 1 pair now!

6. Crock Pots - Amazing. A night shift staple. Otherwise we wouldn't ever eat. End of story.

7. The Book Of Mormon - Love it!

8. My job - It can be hard and it makes me really tired, but it's great.

9. Raelee Wonsch - I don't know what it is about this little angel, but she is awesome! So happy all the time. Such a joy! She has touched all of our hearts! There is nothing better then walking in to a room and having her see me and just break out into a huge smile! It much be because I am the best aunt ever and she knows I am and will continue spoiling her!

10. My bed - The greatest thing ever! In fact.... I'm going to go to bed now! Goodnight all!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yay for Christmas time!!

Ok so I am one of those people who HATE it when stores put out christmas decorations before thanksgiving.... But not this year!!!! I am so super excited about christmas it is crazy!! I started listening to Josh Groban's and Brad Paisley's christmas albums 2 weeks ago and went on a christmas shopping spree with my friend Jennifer this last weekend! And today Michael and I bought our tree. I really really wanted a real tree since it is our first married christmas, but I settled on a artificial one because my need to have the tree up now outweighed my want for a real one! So we took a quick little trip down to Target and found a BEAUTIFUL tree that was on sale!! We got home and I put on christmas music and we decorated it! I am in LOVE with this tree! So basically this rambling post can be summed up with "YAY FOR CHRISTMAS TIME!!!"

Monday, November 8, 2010

Our mini vacation

Michael and I decided to take a mini-vacation to have some much needed R&R. Nursing is a great career, but it really takes alot out of us! So I shopped around and we got a great deal on a hotel room for the weekend. We stayed at the Country Inn & Suites we had stayed at the night before we left for Wisconsin! (By the way... they are our favorite hotel chain EVER!!) When we checked in we discovered that we got the same room we were in before also!! Here are some pics!

Michael and I at the beach. It was soooo cold!

Michael at sunset

Michael playing putt putt. We played 36 holes. I kicked Michael's butt on the first 18 and then he totally slaughtered me on the last 18. Oh well... it felt good to win for a little bit!
(On a side note.... the place we played was where President Obama and his family played when they came to PC a few months ago. They had the balls and putters for sell for a rediculous amount! One ball was $400.)

The beautiful sunset at Destin that we almost missed.

We came home on 98 and Mexico Beach was soo pretty!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

So me and Michael are boring and didn't do anything for halloween except for spending time with our families! We had tons of fun! Micahel's Grandpa was in town so after church we rushed over and spent some time with him. Then we went home for an hour or so, and then went to my parent's house to have dinner with the Tooth fairy and three people who she stole teeth from! Raelee was such a cute tooth fairy and she LOVED her costume!! She was all smiles and in the best mood!! It was a great dinner! After dinner we headed over to Michael's parents house to spend time with them.

All in all it was a pretty good day!