Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me and bathrooms...

...Do not get along well when I am out of town!! This past weekend Michael and I went to Destin with Shelley, Brad, Matt, and Raelee! It was an awesome trip, We stayed in a 2 bed 2 bath Cabin in the Topsail Hill State Park. The water was beautiful and the waves were really big! But I got hurt again. I seriously think out of town bathrooms have something against me. We were done with the beach for the day and waiting for the tram to take us back to our cabin. I was walking out of the bathroom, got distracted by Matt and did not see a curb right in front of me... so down I went. Skinned my knee, shin, and toes, and I twisted my ankle.... But I lived and gave everyone a great opportunity to make fun of me. Now it is looking as if my knee is getting infected... Luckly I work in a doctor's office so it was pretty easy to get a perscription for some antibiotics written for me. I also have a perscription for a super duper antibiotic ointment to put on it.
Anyways back to the trip: Michael and I were not able to leave for Destin until 10pm Friday night because there was a chance he was going to have to work that night. As soon as we got the call that he was off we jumped in the car and off we went! We made great time on I-10 and got off on 331. We were making really good time on that road too until we encountered a flashing sign that said: "Caution. Detour ahead. Please drive carefully. Traffic crash." About a mile down the road we were redirected down Old Jolly Bay Rd. After driving down the road for what seemed like an hour it turned into a dirt road. Yep. It was midnight and we were driving down a dirt road. I would have been freaked out but there was soooo much traffic on the road! It was probably the most cars the road has ever seen. Finally we got to the state park and went to sleep. The next day the beach was great! We had Raelee in a float and took her out past where the waves were breaking. She started falling asleep! As least that is what Shelley thinks. I personally think she was getting seasick.... she had that look about her and as I said before, the waves were really big. Raelee ended up being the only person that didn't get sunburnt that day. Saturday night we stayed up way late and played cards. We must have gotten way too much sun because we were all laughing really hard at tiny things. All in all it was another great trip and we are totally going to stay there again. But for longer then 2 nights.

PS: Sorry that this is such a long rambling post. I have a bad headache and cannot put thoughts together very well.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Michael and I got to spend Memorial Day weekend in Brunswick, Ga. It was really fun and nice because my new job makes spending quality time with each other hard. We spent alot of time on Jekyll Island which I LOVED!! I want to take another trip and stay on the island. Basically the weekend went like this: Sleep, read, fall and go boom, beach, beach, and more beach. Did you catch the "fall and go boom" part? Well that was the only not so wonderful part of the trip. I was in the shower (which was very slippery from the stuff the hotel used to clean it), and I turned to grab my razor and I slipped and fell out of the shower, somehow making a 180 degree turn, pulled down the shower curtain, and the hit the toilet with my hip, which shattered the toilet seat.... embarrassing? Yes.... Painful? Heck yes!!! And I think I gave poor Michael a heart attack! He wanted to take me to the ER, but I wouldn't let him take me since I don't have insurance again for another month and a half... and I knew I wasn't seriously injured because as soon as I stopped shaking and sheding some tears, I did every range of motion test I know... but now I do have a VERY impressive bruise. I'm including a pic of it, but the picture sooo does not do it justice.

So now to the good part! This trip was the first time I had ever seen the Atlantic Ocean! It was so fun swimming with the big waves! The water was the perfect temperature but a little muddyish. Once I overcame my fear of something unknown possibly brushing against me (or a shark eating me) I was ok.

I fell in love the house right before the bridge, and the bridge was pretty awesome too!! All in all it was a great trip!! I can't wait to go back!

We decided to go home on little roads and drove through some really cool little towns. One town had 3 American flags every 15-25 feet all through town in honor of the fallen soldiers! Then we saw a sign for Ameila Island and took a detour there. It was so crowded that we couldn't even find a parking spot near the beach, so we didn't leave the car. I wish we could have stayed there a little bit because the water was really clear... oh well!!

I hope everyone else had a good long weekend!!

This is the really big and cool bridge

This is the house I love

Very goofy pic of us!

Big waves!!

And last but not least... the bruise... It is soo painful and super swollen.