Friday, March 27, 2009

North Carolina

So tomorrow morning I am driving to North Carolina.... Michael's Grandma passed away so we are going up there for a few days and the funeral.... from what I hear she was a great lady. So keep Michael's family in your prayers.... especially his Grandpa.......

Spring Break starts for me tomorrow and I can honestly say the break is WAY overdue for my body.... I am getting so worn down it isn't even funny!! But it is coming soon YAY for Spring Break!

Michael and I offically set a wedding date!!! It will be March 6, 2010!! We have given up our dream of having it at Shiloh Farms because of lack of $$$ so we are looking for cheap solutions...... I'm thinking that my house is sounding great right about now but I really don't want an outside wedding... too many risks! Any Ideas?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I need to find more time...

In a day!!! Since my root canal was done it seems like I have had no time left for anything extra!! I started taking a Soccer Referee class and that was taking up alot of my time.... Clinicals have gotten more complicated and school has gotten more intense!!!
Well I passed the referee class.... so I am an offcial Florida State Referee!!! YAY!! I;m getting used to clinicals again, and I have been studying more for school!
Michael and I have been working out together.... Our favorite thing to do is go play raquetball!! I have gotten so much better and now I beat him more than he beats me!! I am also losing weight!! YAY!!!! I have figured out exactely how much I need to lose a week to get to my desired weight by next March and I have been meeting that number and more!!! YAY!! So by March 13, 2010 I should be looking GREAT walking down the isle!!!
Poor Michael had to go to jury duty yesterday and he got selected!! He tried to get out of it by saying he was in nursing school, but it didn't work... I told him he should have asked them if they were going to pay for the hours he is missing (because at Lively we have to repay for all hours missed..... and we have tomake them up ) but he didn't mention it..... So everybody needs to pray that the trial he is a jurer on will be cancelled.