Sunday, April 29, 2012

A year in reflection

I know people usually do a reflection post around the new year, but I'm doing one now! As you all know, Michael works the night shift. Usually I'm not bothered by this since I have to be in bed so early. I do get bothered on Friday nights... I don't have to go to sleep early, so I really have the time to miss him (he has to be at work at 6:30pm). So this past Friday I went to my parent's house. It was alot of fun just hanging out with mom and dad without all the rest of the siblings around (sorry Matt, you don't count since you still live with them.). There was an added bonus because Raelee was there too. Spending time lying on my parent's bed chatting with mom while Raelee was dancing around to her "jungle book" (a cd of disney music) really got me thinking. This has been a major year in me and Michael's life. This time last year we bought our first car. Then I started a new job. We had a few months of adjusting and then Michael started taking the discussions. A few weeks later we were VERY surprised to find out that I was pregnant. Then Michael got baptized. We again had a couple of months of adjustment when Michael's schedule changed. He went from working 5 nights a week to only working 3 nights. Now it's been a year and we are embarqing on the last few weeks of a family of two and anxiously preparing for Makenna to arrive. The crazy thing about this is the fact that it doesn't seem like it has been a year. It seriously feels like MAYBE a few months.... And one more thing. How is the world is Raelee over 2 years old now? Didn't Shelley just give birth to her like yesterday? She is such a little joy to be around. And even though she hasn't met Makenna yet, she is totally in love with her. She even tries to share her toys with her! I love that kid!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Today begins a minivacation for me!!!!! Michael and I are going to Ocala tonight, driving to the Orlando Temple to do baptisms tomorrow and going back to Ocala afterwards and coming home Sunday! We picked Ocala because it breaks up the 5+ hours down to Orlando. With me being 8 Months pregnant I am just NOT up to sitting 5 hours in a car. This will be the first time Michael has been to the Temple so he's pretty darn excited too! I am getting baptized for my Grandma who passed away last year.
On another note: I had a creepy pregnancy dream last night. I dreamed my abdomen was made out of really stretchy stuff (like the stuff you can get out of a gum ball machine). Makenna was able to reach her arms out and grab my fingers with her hands. It was seriously weird and creepy!!!!!
Here is a new belly pic from last week and a pic of the nursery. Enjoy!