Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is it time yet?

I'm to the point in this pregnancy where I wonder at every little twing if labor is starting. I got SOOO frustrated this past weekend because I was SURE I was about to go into labor. I was having contractions (not Braxton hicks, these were the real thing) off and on starting on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday they started getting more and more regular. Every 20 minutes, then evey 15 minutes, and finally every 10 minutes. They started coming every 10 minutes about 10:00pm. They continued this way until 2:30am Sunday. Then they stopped. They totally stopped. Then they started back up Sunday morning while I was in RS. I had 3 in 45 minutes. I prayed during each one that one wouldn't come while I was playing the closing hymn. I think I prayed too hard though because after 1 more contraction, they stopped again. :-(
This week I've been having some off and on, but never consistently. I've started taking Evening Primrose Oil and I have been eating LOTS of fresh Pineapple. These are both supposed to help soften the cervix. I think they make prostaglandins. I've also been using some other methods that I won't go into here... ;-)
Overall I've been hanging in there ok... I feel huge and tired but ok... that is until today. I am officially misrable! and I've been having off and on back pain (increasing in severity) and some mild to mod painful contractions all day long. I am soooo hoping and praying that it is the beginning of labor. I NEED to have this kid soon! But I guess she'll come when she comes. Until then I'll just keep putting up with the weird pin/needles feelings from her head against my pelvic floor and of course the frequent urination....

Michael is getting lucky so far because my moods are pretty good, but I have to admit, I kind've almost flipped out on a CNA the other day at Centre Pointe. She thought I wasn't due until the end of August... Poor poor confused girl... she probably didn't deserve the reaction she got, but oh well! I did apoligize pretty quickly.

So hopefully the next blog I post will be announcing the birth of Makenna, but in the meantime I do have one small request for you all:

Please keep Kimberly Wallace in your prayers. She was in a bad horseback riding accident this week and is in critical condition in the ICU. She is only 15. She really really needs a miracle. Please keep her family in your prayers also. Thank You!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Shower fun and the (baby shower) story of Makenna's Birth.

Yesterday Shelley, Marquesas, Ashley, and Gaby threw me an amazing baby shower. It was planned down to the smallest detail. I had so much fun!! Thank you to everyone who was able to make it!
During the shower we played a game which was sort of an ad lib sort of game. There were jars labeled "number" and "animal" etc and then Shelley drew out words and inserted them into a story to make the story of Makenna's birth. It turned out SOOOOOOO funny. It's too great not to share. Here we go (BTW I'll underline the words that were inserted, as if you won't be able to tell right away.):

The Birth of Baby Makenna:

Toward the end of her pregnancy, Lindley was feeling like a sloth. Finally on the 117th day of June, she felt a sudden painful contraction in her nipple. Of course, the first thing she did was go to the Wal-Mart and jump to keep her mind off the discomfort. When the contractions became more frequent, Michael suggested that she skip, till she knew for sure if she was in labor.

Lindley felt it was time to go to epcot and give birth to her sweaty baby, but they called the beekeeper to be sure. Within 646 minutes of hanging up the phone, she was to the point where she could not even jump during the contractions. When Michael walked into the beach and saw Lindley on her hands and knees jumping, he said "We are going NOW." and quickly packed up the RV and they were on their way.

They rushed to the laudry mat, where they were met by the waste management worker. Meanwhile, their family and friends arrived in their semi-trucks and gathered in the waiting room. Michael tried to help by jumping as Lindley skipped. This went on for 4 hours. Finally, the doctor decided to try poking. With a koala bear like roar, Lindley gave birth to their beautiful baby girl. She was perfect, with fast feet, and 33 fingers and toes. She weighed 23lbs and 77ounces and measured 3 inches in length. All the people in the waiting room agreed she had Lindley's toe and Michael's finger. And they all agreed that Makenna was the most beautiful baby girl.


Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!
Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What NOT to say when you're 33 weeks pregnant....

"Oh No!!! My water just broke!" - people tend to freak out.

Note: My "water" didn't break, but my water bottle did... as I was holding it in my hand!