Sunday, March 14, 2010


The wedding went great!! But... I woke up at 4am day of throwing up! I either had a GI bug or food poisoning! It was HORRIBLE!!! I was fine through the hair appointment but I had to leave the make-up counter 4 times to puke! :( Not fun!! Although the guy who did my make up gave me a great compliment after the 3rd time of me running to the Dillard's Restroom! He said I was the only person he knows who could throw-up with out messing up my lip gloss!! It was soo funny!
Before the wedding I was a nervous wreck... but only because I was afraid I was going to throw up walking down the isle!! But It went great and I didn't cry!! YAY!!!! The pictures went good and the reception was AMAZING!!! Thank you everyone for helping!!! Marquesas did all the flowers!! Shelley did the decorating! Mom was in charge of the food!! Dad made the most beautiful Wedding Cake ever!!!! Michael's family helped a ton and Michael's mom made an awesome candy bar for the reception!!! I'm posting one picture now and I'll do more once I have them all!!