Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas + Pregnancy Update

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! Michael and I are happy to have a relaxing christmas this year as we don't have to run around town. His family went up to Wisconsin This year. Last night we had Christmas with the whole Evelo Clan at Grandma and Grandpa Evelo's. It was fun. Raelee of course was the cutest thig ever!!! Today we are relaxing and spending time with my family minus Matt as he is in the MTC.

Time for a pregnancy update:

I am now 15 weeks along

The baby is the size of a large Naval Orange

Total Weight gain: I've lost 20lbs!!!! (The doctor said this is fine)

New Pregnancy symptoms/signs this week: Hello Mr. Reflux!! Wow.. tums are my best friend... multiple times a day.
Also I started showing Friday morning. Its actually kind've funny because we went to the OB Thursday and he said I should start showing soon, and the next morning I could barely button my pants! I'm not going to take pictures until I get a little farther along though.

Continuing Symptoms: Nausea - it's getting slowly better though. Fatigue

Maternity Clothes: I have 1 pair of Maternity pants, but I think I'm going to have to give up and buy more very soon.

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good, but I sleep better on the nights Michael is home.

Eating habits: I can't eat much at one time, but I'm basically able to eat everything I normally eat.

Cravings: FRUIT FRUIT AND MORE FRUIT! And trail mix, and orange juice.

Special Pregnancy Moments: Our little one was sucking it's thumb during the ultrasound. It was really cute and special.
We also had bought a fetal doppler heart monitor, and it is really special to Michael and I to listen to the heartbeat together.