Monday, June 28, 2010

Who needs a guard dog???

Not us!! Because we have guard Geikos!!!! These babies would frighten anyone to death!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I decided to read back over all my blog posts. I have changed so much and have gone through so much!!! I had even forgotten about alot of it!!! So funny!

Some randomness

Here are some random pictures.
These are my wedding flowers!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The night shift!

So... we have a ARNP that consults on our patients! She is awesome and comes at 4am Mon-Fri. Tomorrow she is leaving for St. Martin for Vacation.... and us in our sleep deprivedness decided to send her a good-bye card!! Here are those pics and some more of my co-workers.... the awesome night shift!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soldiers Coming Home

This is awesome!! It made me cry!!

Soldiers Coming Home

My awesome husband...

Michael has been taking the best care of me since I got sick yesterday! I guess that's one perk of having a nurse for a spouse! Not only is he pampering me but he also worked until 2am assembling our new dresser! He's the best!

Michael hard at work!
Finished Product!! Yay!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

WARNING: The follow post contains graphic content that involves vomit and may make you do the same.

So my husband SO SO SO Wins the best husband award!!

Once again.... This is a very graphic post.... if you have a weak stomach when it comes to vomit you really want to think twice about reading this.

For those of you who do not know me I am a nurse and am around a whole bunch of sick people ALL THE TIME!! Sadly it seems I also do not have the best immune system so I get sick alot. Well now I have picked up yet another stomach bug and this one is worse then the one I had on my wedding day! YUCK!!!
This morning at work I wasn't feeling very well but it had been a rough stressful week and I figured it had something to do with that. After I got off work, my friend and best co-worker Jennifer, Michael, our awesome respiratory therapist Marie, and I all went to villiage inn for breakfast so we could end the work week good. Jennifer, Michael and I are regulars there, we go twice a week. I usually eat everything put in front of me. Today... not so much. I ate my hash browns, 3 bites of scrambled eggs, a piece of bacon (I made Jenny's day by giving her the other slice), and about a pancake and a half. This is not normal.... the waitress looked totally confused (like I said, we're regulars). So then we all went home. I got home and went to sleep for about 10 minutes when the nausea graduated to vomiting. Just a little vomit not a problem right? WRONG!! Michael and I appearently have really shallow toilets and everytime I vomited it would splash back in my face which made me vomit harder!! So Michael decided I should vomit in the bathtub so I wouldn't be splashed any longer. So that's what I did! and he got in the bathtub and turned on the shower to rinse it down the drain. But he made a HUGE mistake. I was blocking his escape route! Well needless to say my vomit was too thick due to what I had eating in the recent past and it clogged the drain and all the vomity chunky water started backing up.... all over Michael's feet. It. was. so. funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I started laughing which made me puke more which made me start choking! For those of you who have never choked on vomitus.... it's not fun! Don't try it! Believe me.... you WILL regret it!
Well finally I was done throwing up and Michael helped me up and washed my face off. He never freaked out even once even with throw up all over his bare feet! I love him so much! He is my everything!

So what do you guys think? Do you think he deserves the award?? I do!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More views of our apartment....

This is some of our apartment cuteness! My Favorite quote!!
Busy Bulliten board

Above the oven

our living room

Guest Bathroom

China Cabinet thing

Our Memorial Day Weekend

We went to Orlando this last Wednesday through Yesterday for the FPEA Homeschool Convention and Matthew's graduation.

We got to stay in Shingle Creek an Amazing Hotel!!

We got one of the Grand Suites. It was AWESOME!!!

While we were down there we went to Wet n' Wild!! Raelee had tons of fun!
It was soooo fun Except when we went on the Flyer.

Matt, Shelley, Michael and I all went at once and when we got to the bottom and hit the pool, Michael's forehead lost a fight with the back of Shelley's head. OUCH!!!
The gash was big and bleeding everywhere!! They had to blow the whistle and take us to the first aid room... EMBRASSING!!!! They wanted Michael to go to the hospital for stitches but he opted out because he wanted the cool scar!

We also went to Texas Roadhouse!!!
They have the Best Steak Ever!!
All in all it was a great vacation!!! YAY!!!