Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Let me start by saying how grateful I am for the men and women that gave their loves to give us our freedom and to keep us safe!

I had the best weekend ever!! On Saturday Michael, Makenna and I had a play date with the Stotharts! (Rebecca and I have become the best of friends and we totally take advantage of every moment that we can spend together! Our husbands just shake their heads at how silly we can get! But every woman needs a best friend that is at the same stage in life... for us it's the stage of: Young married couple with young child.) Michael's parents were out of town and gave us permission to use their pool, so we took full advantage of that and had a pool day and grilled some burgers. It was so fun! Makenna and Maizy loved chasing each other around.

Sunday Michael and I BOTH slept through BOTH of our alarms and didn't wake up for church... :-( I guess all the sun the day before + Makenna actually sleeping for once, did us in. I spoke with Rebecca later and she too slept through her alarms. I was SOOO excited for Sunday.. the reason? Because I didn't have to work on Monday, so I could actually stay up late and enjoy spending time with my family. We also had a combo birthday party for My grandma, my mom, and myself Sunday evening. We had lots and lots of fun!

On Monday Rebecca and I started off our day by going shopping for new swimsuits... Actually she came with ME to help ME look for a new one (Michael lost his privilages of telling me if a swim suit looked good on me after a MASSIVE fail last week!). We found one very quickly that looks awesome on me AND we also found a dress that looks good on us both! We totally both bought one! I also found another dress that I absolutely feel in love with and it too looked amazing on me! YAY! Those of you who know me well, also know how hard it is for me to find anything that looks right on me, so to find 2 dresses and a swimsuit all in one day was a total miracle! After shopping we went back to her house, and put Maizy down for a nap. Once Maizy woke up we went to Michael's parents house again (sans Cary this time... he had to work on a school project all day). We had a blast! We had My sister, my niece, 2 sisters-in-law, my brother, Rebecca and Maizy over. The 3 babies had so much fun and were real water babies, and the 2 preggers soaked up some sun and relaxed, while the rest of us played basketball and just relaxed as well. Michael then grilled some chicken which was delish! The we cleaned up and all went home... well except Michael... he went to work.

Now it's Tuesday and back to work I go... I'm having the hardest time remembering that today is NOT Monday... I keep having to correct myselt over and over again! Tomorrow is our first test in school and I'm kind've freaking out, but hopefully I'll do ok! I have people coming over tonight for a cram/study session. That should hopefully help some! We shall see!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Oh Mother's Day! This time last year I huge and miserablely pregnant.... now I have an almost one year old. Wow did the year go by fast! Makenna is such a great blessing in my life! She has such a huge personality squished into her itty bitty little body. She knows just when to crawl over and give hugs and kisses and she always seems to figure out when the best time is to be a goof ball!

While I was pregnant I thought I knew what I was doing and that it wouldn't be that difficult to fit a child into our lives. This was true and OH SO WRONG at the same time. She did fit perfectly in and it feels like she's always been with us... But I had no idea that  would be so difficult financially, physically and mentally! All the hardships just give me the motivation to do better.... Bills hard to pay? Let me go back to school so that we can lessen that worry in a years time.

This is Michael's weekend to work. Last night Makenna decided that she didn't want to sleep... oh and she decided that while she was not sleeping she would scream for "dada wan dadda dada dada wan me dada." She finally went to sleep at 15 till midnight. But quickly woke back up again and again! I ended up getting about 2 hours of sleep totally... not straight. The 2 hours are made up with 15-30 min increments over the night. This morning Michael woke me with breakfast in bed, flowers and a card. After I ate he ordered me back to bed to get more sleep. I've got it made! I (obviously)  missed our sacrament meeting and was going to go with my parents, but I slept through my alarm. Opps!

Happy Mother's Day to EVERY woman out there! I believe that every woman should be celebrated on this day because of the influence women tend to have in childrens lives.

I am so grateful for my mom! She is a great woman and set a great example for me and my siblings! She also is an endless well of advice and tips for making it through this crazy life! And she has made going back to school possible for me! Makenna loves her Meemaw!

I'm also endlessly grateful for my mother-in-law! She raised Michael to be a wonderful man! She is a great Busia (Grandma) to Makenna and is always finding ways to help us out!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

All about "Momo"

My child is obsessed with Elmo aka "Momo"! She loves watching elmo on TV, she loves seeing him in books and she ADORES her elmo doll! She kind've takes him everywhere. The other night the most precious interaction happened. It was a night Michael was at work so Makenna and I were on our own. I got her all tucked in to bed. She was covered with her blankie, and had her bunny blankie in her hand. She snuggled down and then looked up at me. Then the most adorable 2 words came out of her mouth: "Mamma... momo?" The look on her face when she asked this made me melt... now where was that darned doll? I searched and searched for in and finally found it. I gave it to her, she gave it a big hug, patted it on the back and went to sleep. I love the little memories we make!