Saturday, March 16, 2013

My thoughts right now....

1. I really really should be working on my paper.
2. The founder of Jainism pulled out all of his hair and beard.... did it hurt?
3. Why is Buddha depicted as being fat? The actual Buddha was not...
4. I seriously am way excited that I got into nursing school.
5. I'm kind've freaking out that I got in and that it starts May 8th.... YIKES!
6. I graduated with my LPN a long time ago... I hope I can jump right back into the student mindset...
7. Of course I can... It's only 3 semesters!
8. 3 Semesters can seem like a long time.
9. It will be worth it!
10. I can do this!
11. But can I do it while trying to work as well?
12. Will our finances be OK through it?
13. We'll make it work... our finances will be in much better shape once I graduate and get a $10/hr pay raise.
14. I really need to stop procrastinating the whole writing my paper thing....

* Can you tell what I'm writing my paper on from the first few thoughts?

Monday, March 4, 2013

A fun weekend and another to come!

A few months ago I got called as the Co-Activity Days leader. My parter in crime is Sister Rebecca Stothart. I did not know Sister Stothart before I got called as this. The first night we hit it off famously! It was instant friendship! Every time we have an activity we stay after talking. Our husbands get a little upset with us because of how long we stay over. This past weekend our families went on a double date... because of not being able to find babysitters our kiddos came with (they LOVE each other). We went bowling and Michael totally dominated. Rebecca did good. Cary (Rebecca's hubby) and I totally sucked! To add insult to injury there was this little kid in the lane next to us that was doing REALLY good. After bowling we went to eat at Steak n' Shake. It was such a fun night!! We really needed it.

This coming Wednesday is Our 3rd Anniversary. I don't know how it's possible but these 3 years have gone by so fast AND so slow! On one hand it's like "How in the world has it been 3 years already?" and on the other hand it feels like we have been together forever! I have to work on Wednesday (lame) so we have decided to push our plans to the weekend. Thanks to Club Carlson (the rewards program for Country Inns and Suites) I was able to get a 2 room suite for 2 nights for $100.00!!! Michael's parents are keeping Makenna Friday night and my parents are keeping her Saturday night! I am so excited to get to sleep spend time with Michael without the interruption of having to constantly worry about Makenna!