Friday, May 2, 2014

I graduated last night!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I graduated with my RN degree. It has been a long time coming. I started with journey 6 years ago in 2008 when I started at Lively for my LPN. This past year has been filled with joy, sorrow, hardships, and celebrations. Now I am done!! The pinning ceremony was bittersweet for me because Jared surprised me by showing up at my Lively graduation, and obviously he wasn't there last night. But I can honestly say that if he had shown up it would have been the biggest surprise EVER haha. But it was a fun night and I still can't believe I'm done! The best part of the night was when my name was called to walk across the stage and get pinned. While I was walking, Makenna yelled out "Wuv You MOMMY!!!!". So freaking sweet!!!
 Here are some pics!
Me with my classmates Lauren, Jennifer and Kelissa. Lauren was also in my lively nursing class. Jennifer was in the class behind ours.

Jennifer and I.

My family minus Brad, Raelee and Fenway. They had to stay home because Raebug was sick.

With my in-laws! My MIL was awesome and kept up with Makenna during the ceremony.

My brother Matt and I.

Me and my loves!

To quote my mom: "Is there a nurse in the house?" LOL. How many families have 5 nurses?

Me with my parents.

On my way to graduation

most of my class.

Shelley did my hair for me. Pretty awesome!

The back of my hair

I am so glad I am done.

My Pin!!