Friday, October 24, 2008

Clinicals **Shudder**

We were in clinicals for Mon- Wed of last week and Mon & Tues of this week. My group was at a nursing home here in town and I must say I had a blast!! We were just doing CNA clinicals so we did not have too much "responsibility" per say. But is was a lot of fun but it was quite tiring! By the end of last week, which came Thursday afternoon b/c we didn't have school on Friday (thank goodness), I was so pooped out I could barley even stay standing. The long weekend came as a much needed break. It wasn't that we were doing very many things, it was more of the fact that clinicals start an hour earlier then class! So instead of waking up at 5:30, I was having to wake up at 4:30! JOY!!! NOT!!
So this coming Monday it is about to get even worse! We start out TMH clinicals, which start at 6:45 instead of 7, or the comfortable class time 8. Which means I will now be waking up at 4:15 Mon - Wed.... but such is life as I know it!
I have come to realize that I am going to have to change my schedule at work because there is no way I wan work until midnight Mon-Wed and be getting a little over 3 hours of sleep. So I have to figure out a schedule now.....
But all in all I am doing good! I've had 2 back office shifts where I was not being trained and they both went really good! My office was less then a dollar off the first night and was only 15 cents off this week!! YAY! Bryce even said that I am doing great! And coming from Bryce who is most def. NOT known for giving out ANY complements, it means alot. Me and Michael are doing well. He is enjoying school as well and we like being able to spend this much time together.
His soccer team started practicing this week! It's so fun watching him go out and coach! He's a really good coach and is really good with the boys!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So Matthew and Mom both have strep throat!! I feel like I need to gown up for an isolation room every time I enter my house! I have had my fun with strep and I do not wish to EVER get it again. When I was in 7th grade I had it like four or five times! The ONE and ONLY upside about it was the fact that I desensitized myself to having thinkgs stuck down my throat.... this might not sound like a good thing, but believe me.... I would gag if anything went farther then 2 inches back on my tongue! So after having the huge stick stuck down the back of my throat five, six, seven times I adapted!! YAY!! So to make the story short..... I am avoiding my family in the hope that I don't catch it. I was freaking out yesterday because I my throat started to feel sore, but it was just a sore!! So not quality family time until the sickeys are all better!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Done with A&P!!

YAY!! I am officially done with Anatomy and Physiology!! I won't even have to take it when I get to TCC because I worked so hard to get all of my pre-reqs done there before! I think I've ended up with either a 95% of a 96%!! I'm so happy!
We are now working of Fundamentals. We start clinicals on the 13th, but we don't know which nursing home we will be at as of yet. We will be at a nursing home for 2-3 weeks and then on to TMH!! It's all happening so fast it is CrAzY!!! But it's fun and I'm learning so much.... but at the same time I am soo glad I have had my foundation with my family.
Tuesday was Michael's Birthday.... he turned 21! We had a really fun day.... school was a quick day (we were still there 8-3 but it passed by very fast), then I made him a nice candlit dinner and we watched a movie! He said it was the best birthday he has ever had! Me and two fellow students sneaked out in the middle of the day to paint his windows (I was nice and used blue paint.... I almost bought pink!) and that totally surprised him!! I made him a huge card that looked like a Celtic Jersey(his favorite soccer team), and I bought him some Mountain Dew PJ's!! He loved it!!!
My training in the back office at Publix is really coming along.... Last night was my second night training and Bryce was having to coordinate too! So I was basically on my own until closing.... which actually turned out really good.... It made me have to be self resourceful! I looked stuff up and used my well tuned critical thinking skills to figure things out! I can't wait until I train again!