Thursday, July 29, 2010

The washer/dryer fiasco

So last week I got totally fed up with not having a dryer, and my F-I-L asking us if we had gotten one yet, so I started stalking craigslist to find a dryer. Then I hit jackpot!! A GE Dryer that is less then a year old! It also came with a washer, but it hadn't been used in 8 months and the guy didn't know how it worked. It was $200.00 for the Dryer or $250.00 for both. We decided to take the gamble and get both! Our plan was to give the new washer away to a newly married couple since my aunt and uncle gave us ours! The guy was awesome and delivered them to us. He and his friend almost broke their backs carrying the washer and dryer up the stairs!!

The next day Michael and I started moving things around. We had to move our washer so we could hook the new one up to see how it works. After much manuvering we got the washer moved into place, hooked it up and it started working perfectly!!! Perfectly that is until it finished filling and then did nothing!!! NOTHING!!! We couldn't even get it to drain!! So we got out cups and buckets and started manually bailing the washer out! I never thought about how much water is really used to wash clothes, but now I know!! ALOT!!! So after about an hour of bailing the water and trying not to pass out from the bleach fumes the washer was as empty as it was gonna get! So we moved it out into the hall and got our washer back in place! Whew!! Talk about hard work!

So then we washed a load of clothes and put it in the dryer.... which worked great for about 10 minutes and then started making a horrible metal rubbing against metel sound!! So Michael and I looked at it. The back had gotten a dent in it during the move. :-( So I called my Dad!! He came over and we decided to take it apart!! So using google to guide us that's what we did... until Dad realized he had No idea how to fix GE dryers (his expertise is in Maytags) and we put it back together! And somehow accidentally fixed it in the process!! It was awesome!! So now we have a broken washer sitting in our entry way
until we find man power to help Michael take it to the dump, but we have an awesome dryer!! It even has a antibacterial setting (which I think is a great thing for our scrubs)! So I'm happy!! It was a great learning experiance!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Belated Honeymoon Pics

Ok, the pics uploaded totally out of order but here we go: Posing By the car halfway up the mountain
Tallula Falls

Michael on the suspension bridge. Me on the bridge. Here's the bridge. Us! Where we stayed... this was our liitle house.Dining Room. Back door. Living room. Another View of the living room and stairs to the loft. Kitchen

Michael Packing up to go home

Stairs to the loft
The loft. 2 beds, TV little clothes rack, ect.
Yay! Back in Florida! Me posing at the overlook one last time before heading home!
Michael at the overlook. Living room from the stairs. Looking down the stairs. Cute little water wheel and sign for our resort. Little General Store for Sky Vally. Sunset over the mountains. First sight of the mountains!! Us right before leaving town! We had to get gas.
I hope you enjoyed the Pics!