Monday, November 28, 2011

Catch up

Wow lately I have been horrible about blogging! Could be because we have been very very busy.
A couple weeks ago Michael was baptized! I am super happy and he is too! The next Sunday Brad confirmed him in sacrament meeting and after church he got the priesthood! I will never take having a priesthood holder in my house for granted again. Ever. It is such an amazing feeling!
The day after Michael's baptism we had another OB appointment. The doctor told us during the ultrasound to prepare for the possibility of twins since he was pretty sure he was seeing a 2nd yolk sac. YIKES!! 2 LONG STRESSFUL weeks later we had another ultrasound and there was only 1 baby! WHEW!! But since I'm an evil daughter I called my mom and told her we were having triplets! She totally fell for it! It was awesome! Our next OB appointment is December 22, so hopefully the baby will cooperate and we will get to see what we're having (it's still going to be a little early, but if the baby isn't modest there is a chance.). Wouldn't that be an awesome Christmas gift? I'm kind've hoping for a girl and Michael wants a boy, but we will be totally happy with either.
Thanksgiving was an awesome day. We had our first dinner at my in-laws house. My MIL had brined her turkey and it was so good!!! She totally won the best turkey award this thanksgiving. Our next dinner was 3 hours later at my parent's house. My mom was able to make my Grandma's cornbread dressing. It is the best dressing ever! If I wasn't already so full I probably would have eaten the entire dish! After dinner we decorated the Christmas Tree! Raelee was sooooo cute when she saw the "MISSMISS taWee" She was VERY excited about it and loved putting the ornaments up!
The Day after Thanksgiving we moved into our new house. We were both very tired after the move so Shelley came over and unpacked my entire kitchen for me! She is seriously the best sister ever!! Now we are almost all unpacked!We are on a short timeline since we are having Raelee's 2nd Birthday Party here this upcoming weekend. It should be great! Pics to come soon!