Sunday, November 16, 2014

One year later

Yesterday/today is the 1 year anniversary of when Jared left this earth. Technically he died on the 16th (today) but i think we will always feel the loss more on Friday night into Saturday morning (He died at 3:30am on a Saturday morning).
      Jared decided to give us all some signs yesterday that he loves and misses us too. Matt had to stsy home because he had to work. When he woke up yesterday,  the kitchen clock had stopped  at exactly 3:30 (the time he died a year ago). When Ashley was getting out of the shower, the mirror got all steamed up and there was a perfect heart drawn on the mirror. Then at the temple we took some pictures of the 3 kids and there was a perfect sunbeam shining down on Lillian. We couldn't  see it with our naked eye, but it showed up in all the pictures. 
      We all had a pretty good day. Ashley went through the temple for the first time with Shelley, Mom and Dad. Michael and I stayed at the hotel to watch the kiddos. That was fun for us. We kinda sorta rocked the 3 kids thing. We went to walmart, had no meltdowns and the kids all had fun. Then we came home and made lunch. After lunch, all 3 kids went down for a nap within 20 minutes of each other. Then they slept for over 2 hours and all woke up within 10 minutes of each other. Then we got them all changed and piled back into the cars to go take pictures at the temple. Makenna has been obsessed with the temple. She loves it. Hasn't stopped talking  about it the entire trip. Funny how even though she has no concept of what it is, she still senses it is special.

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